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big big shake

4:35pm - still rocking things have fallen off shelves

turtles saved from falling off shelf

tsunami warning not issued

4:47pm - actually areas all over Kanto have been registered as a weak 5

4:50pm - having an aftershock now

4:52pm - sorry I'm a little unsettled - spelling shot to crap! Several things shaken off shelves on the apartment, picked them up now, just had another smaller aftershock.

There is no tsunami warning.

4:58pm - from tenki.jp


Here we go again - having an aftershock in Kanagawa

5:03pm - heh friends are online saying welcome back to shaky Japan! (Just got home from a trip to Singapore - still need to post about that).

Seems we are all a bit shaken up, however there doesn't seem to have been much damage done. Waiting to see what will happen.

Epicenter located in Chiba.

5:08pm - TV now reporting no services such as gas or water have stopped.

5:12pm - In Adachi-ku someone's fence has fallen down!

5:22pm - at this stage some trains are still stopped, if you are travelling to Chiba you'll need to check when they are running again.

News helicopters are scouring the Kanto area. Apart from the fence, there seems to have been no major damage from the quake.

5:57pm Wrap Up - at 4:35pm there was a strong earthquake across Kanto. Several smaller aftershocks followed. No tsunami warning issued.

No bad damage, or major injuries reported.

Train services still patchy.

Narita airport - flights have been delayed.

No services such as gas or water affected.

Hopefully that will be all for tonight! We've been having a few quakes coming from Chiba of late - leading many of us to speculate the "Big One" will happen. Many of us were upset by today's quake, the bigger ones certainly make you think. Make sure you have preparations in place - such as food and water in stock, and ensure that within your family you have worked out strategies for how to contact and find each other in the case of a big one. As anal as this sounds - (~^) - events like today make you realize that if a big earthquake hits there will be no warning.

One thing I learned from today was what will actually fall down in an earthquake and I'll need to go stick that stuff down better. Fortunately nothing broke. However the large mirror/clock we have in our living room fell off onto the floor. If it had smashed it would have scattered glass all over me sitting here on the floor at the coffee table. Check and stick down kids!

Now let's all have a stiff drink and chill out for the time being.

6:29pm - Notice from Tokyo Gas just broadcast. If your gas supply is affected by the automatic cut-off function you will need to reset it by pushing a button on your gas meter. First turn off all applicances using gas. Then go to the meter area and follow the instructions that should be on a card attached to the meter.

Posted by mjd-s at 2005年07月23日 16:36

added flavour

thanks for all of your info
it was a bit of a wild one!
does make you think doesn't it!
glad everyone is ok if not a
little nervey
making that stiff drink now!

Added by: sushi at 2005年07月23日 19:28

Glad it turned out OK. I was sitting in a cafe in Perth yesterday and they'd balanced a line of wine bottle precariously on a rafters and it reminded me of what it was like living in an earthquake zone.

Added by: anthony at 2005年07月25日 11:51